Frequently asked questions

1. What can I expect from the photo session?

Photo sessions is all about being relaxed and having fun.  I will guide you through your photo session to help you relax and to ensure you get the best photos that reflect who you are.

2. What should I bring with me to the photo session?

Whether for adults or children, props can be a great inspiration for the direction your session takes.  Musical instruments, technology devices, a guitar, hats, your high heels for your little girl. Let your imagination flow and bring whatever you want, however large or small.

I can provide you with special balloons for your photo session to provide some extra fun to your photo-shoot at an additional cost. Please request a quote when booking your photo session.

3. Wardrobe choices

When choosing clothing and colors for your photo session, think about the end result you’re aiming for.   The goal is to create beautiful art which will really fit in your home. You will be grateful if your new artwork looks like it really fits in the space you have placed it.   It is important to consider the style of your home when choosing the wardrobe to be used in your shoot.

TOP TIPS to make the best wardrobe choices and look your best:

  • Make sure your hair is looking its best!  If your hair looks good, you will feel great!
  • Do wear make-up, as this will really make a difference to your photo’s. Color those lips! It will give your confidence a boost, and as a result you will feel great and look great!!  Consider making use of a professional make-up artist for your photo session.
  • Dress in clothing that does not have big bold patterns as this may be distracting on your photos. Plain colors works well, and complimenting colors for the family is highly recommended.
  • Think about shoes. They will be showing in some of the shots, so put some thought into them as a part of your wardrobe.
  • Keep hair down and add some accessories. A little accessory for children can really make a difference to your photos.  Put in a hair band, a bow, a flower, a woven ring of daisies or a really pretty hat. Woolly hats and scarves are great for young children and babies.
  • Mix and match.  Lots of different layers are always interesting to look at and can give you a few different looks throughout the photo session. … scarves, jackets, pull overs, hair accessories, interesting pieces of jewelry, different textures…
  • A beautiful dress always looks great and can give great movement in your photos. 
  • You are welcome to bring more than one outfit.  It keeps the photos interesting. 🙂
  • If you are pregnant and would love to be photographed in a dream maternity dress. Consider making use of Wild Lily Photographic dress hire in George. Check out their Facebook page for more detail.

4. What time is best for an outdoor photo session?

I normally choose to have my outdoor photo sessions during the ‘golden hour’ – late afternoon just before sunset, or early morning just after sunrise. This is the best time of day for photos as the light from the sun is much softer.

5. What happens if the weather doesn’t play along?

For outdoor photo sessions, the weather is always something to take into consideration. If the weather doesn’t play along on the day of your outdoor photo session, we can reschedule your photo session to another available time

6. What will a photo session cost?

You can find my pricing and photography packages here:

7. When should I make payments?

A 50% deposit will secure your booking for your photo session. The balance is payable before your photo session. For any additional products, like canvasses, prints or photo-books ordered, payment will be required before your order can be processed.